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Our seasoned phlebotomists and nurses specialize in providing gentle and seamless services for adults, elderly, children, teens and those with special needs.

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Our Services

Routine Specimen Collection

A routine specimen collection is when your doctor gives you a lab order on a lab requisition form or written on a Rx, for regular blood tests.  Routine lab specimen blood draws are not for STAT or urgent blood test orders.

Process and Handling

Tender Touch Mobile will do all of the blood processing such as centrifuging samples or preparing the samples as necessary, for all blood tests and test kits.  This also includes the packing and shipping of the specimens or samples.

Blood Collection for STAT Labs

Tender Touch Mobile does provide STAT blood draws and are available based on the phlebotomist’s daily schedule and availability. In addition to the blood draw time you must also allow a 4 hour turn around time for the lab to process the samples and generate results.  These results will be sent to the ordering physician

Blood Collection for Specialty Kits

Tender Touch Mobile draws for all specialty test kits provided by your physician or obtained on your own.  We handle the processing including centrifuging, dry ice or other special prep for these test kits.  Tender Touch Mobile will also take care of all of the required packing and shipping of the specimens for the client.

Blood collection for clinical Studies

Tender Touch Mobile works with Universities and Research facilities, drawing the blood samples for the participants of any research project or clinical study.  Please call for detailed information.

Collection Services for DNA Testing

Tender Touch Mobile provides collection and pick up for any DNA testing, including buccal swabs and blood samples. 

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