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Our experienced phlebotomists are California State Certified and/or Licensed Nurses.

It is our mission to provide a personalized, private alternative to having to travel to an outside lab for blood draws.

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Tender Touch Mobile Labs is based in Southern California, a mobile Phlebotomy concierge service established in 2005 having drawn blood from a minimum of 20,000 patients since then. Our Phlebotomists are California State certified with several years of experience in drawing blood from patients of all ages including those with special needs which also includes young children and babies. Tender Touch Mobile labs follows all rules and regulations including HIPPA which protects the privacy of our patients, we also practice universal precautions as recommended by Cal OSHA for the health and safety of our patients and Phlebotomists.

We are an alternative for patients who do not have the time to go to the lab, have health conditions and may not be ambulatory or simply prefer the convenience, comfort, and privacy of having blood drawn in their home or office.


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