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Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Personal Approach to Mobile Phlebotomy

We are Tender Touch Mobile Lab! We are an elite mobile phlebotomy concierge service based in Southern California. Since our establishment in 2005, we have drawn blood from more than 20,000 patients. Our phlebotomists are California State certified or licensed nurses with several years of experience.
It is our mission to provide a personalized, private alternative to having to go to a lab to have blood drawn. Our service gives our community of patients, healthcare providers, referral and research labs, along with our growing corporate wellness client base, the convenient option of having a one-on-one experience by having their lab services performed in the comfort of their home or place of business, quickly and efficiently. Our experienced phlebotomists and nurses specialize in servicing adults, elderly, and children and teens, including those with special needs.

Process and Procedure

When scheduling an appointment

Please let the customer service rep know weather you have a lab request form,for Quest, Labcorp etc., a kit or both. Also let us know if your blood test needs to be fasting or non fasting this would help us determine what appointment times to offer. If a kit need to be drawn please let us know if its time sensitive example should the sample arrive at the lab Mon-Thurs only. This is a very important piece of information to emlimitate possible need of a redraw.


Kit Preparation

Please fill out request form and all necessary paperwork that need to be shipped with kit. Make sure to find out from you doctor if testing is coved by insurance, bill account or do you need to summit check or credit card info. Follow patient preparation instructions in kit for fasting and other preparations before blood test.

Cost for a mobile draw

The fee for collection may vary depending on location and service that is need. Please contact our Customer service department or leave a email below with the area of service and exactly what needs to be drawn for a price quote. We don’t accept any insurance as form of payment. Payment is due when appointment is booked.

Lab request forms

Please have your demographics filled out on lab form also please have a front and back copy of insurance card available or written on your lab form. Please note if you are paying cash for labs please let the customer service rep know at the time of scheduling appointment.

How to prepare for your blood test

How to prepare for your blood test: The night before your scheduled blood draw if fasting is required you should prepare to fast 10-12hr. unless your doctor have instructed you to do something different. When fasting drinking plenty of water to help with hydration this will help your blood draw go more smoothly. But in some cases some test require you to limit fluid intake so please follow instructions in test kit if this apply to you.

Following blood test

After your blood is drawn your blood sample will be dropped at its designated lab or processed and shipped via courier service the same day of service. Tender Touch Mobile don’t get any results back. For results please contact your doctor.

I have small veins and always have a hard time with drawing blood. Sherrell is amazing and got my blood with no problem at all and NO PAIN. Usually it takes a few times and lots of poking , but not with Sherrell. I am grateful for the quick and easy service and recommend her highly.

Audrey Hope


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