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TenderTouchMobileLabs is a full service Mobile Phlebotomy company. We are always building our resources to give you the best service possible

Special Needs Phlebotomy

Tender Touch Mobile labs offers special discounts to our patients with special needs that may be difficult to restrain and transport or non-ambulatory and have standing orders for therapeutic drug monitoring requiring blood drawn on an ongoing basis and are living in a assisted living facility or group home. Please contact us to inquire about our special offers!

Senior Phlebotomy Care

Tender Touch Mobile labs offers discounts to our seniors for standing orders for Coumadin and other therapeutic drug monitoring requiring blood to be drawn on an ongoing regular basis. Our customers make getting these tests done hassle free by hiring Tender Touch Mobile labs to come to them to draw blood in their home, or senior living facility, or assisted living facilities including convalescent homes. Please contact us to inquire about our special offers!

Routine Specimen Collection

We draw blood for you when ordered by your physician for your regular/routine check ups.

Process & Handling

Not only do we draw your blood, we also process and handle per your designated laboratory’s specimen requirements.

Research & Investigational testing

We draw blood for patients participating in clincal trials as needed to obtain FDA approval.


Our service includes the delivery of your specimens to the local lab or shipping via FedEx, UPS, etc

Blood Collection for health fairs

We draw on site for employers etc, for health and wellness drives which increases participation in these programs.

Family Genetic testing

We come to you and draw the entire family in the comfort of your own home.

Do You Have Any Questions?

How do you accept payment?

Tender Touch mobile accepts all major credit cards.  Credit card  information will need to be provided at the time the appointment is scheduled.  Fees may vary depending on service area and processing and handling of specimen.

Is TenderTouchMobileLabs affiliated with any laboratories?

Tender Touch Mobile Phlebotomy Service is  an alternate resource ONLY. We are not affiliated with nor do we have any ties to any of the aforementioned laboratories.

When will I get my results?

Processing time is usually 2 to 3 business days. Some tests can take up to a week. You should discuss special testing kits with your doctor.

How do I schedule an appointment?

TenderTouchMobileLabs suggests scheduling a few days in advance if you would like to request a specific date.  Please feel free to Contact Us for availability.

Do you accept insurance?

Tender Touch does not accept insurance for any of our services. However, insurance information will be collected at the time of service to submit with the specimen for lab testing.

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We are the #1 mobile blood drawing concierge service that comes directly to you in the Los Angeles area. It is our mission to provide a personalized, private alternative to having to go to a lab to have blood drawn. Our service gives our community of patients, healthcare providers, referral and research labs, along with our growing wellness and concierge client base the convenient option of having a one on one experience by having their blood drawn in the comfort of their own home or office quickly and efficiently by our experienced California licensed Phlebotomists who specialize in drawing blood from children including those with special needs, teens, adults, and our elderly.

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