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Tender Touch mobile phlebotomy service is a unique company that provides its patients with direct blood collection services right to your door. Our top priority is to provide you with reliable, discreet and courteous service from well-trained professionals. Our phlebotomist will ensure that the area in which the blood is being collected is properly sanitized and secure. We also take special precaution to make sure samples are properly labeled, stored and prepared for transport. Tender Touch is convenient. We will travel to your home, office, hotel or designated location.

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Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Central Coast, Culver City, Hollywood, Inland Empire, Torrance, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Orange County, Pacific Palisades, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, South Bay Beach Citites, Thousand Oaks.

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Are you a caring, dedicated professional? Are you a phlebotomist certified in the State of California? Think you got what it takes to become a member of the Tender Touch team? Contact us to learn more about how to apply.

Did you know?

Early “Phlebotomists” used techniques such as leeches to extract blood from the body. It was used as a healing process, thought to remove toxins from the blood stream. These techniques were known as blood letting. In most cases, phlebotomy now refers to the removal of small quantities of blood for diagnostic purposes.

Better service for all our clients.

Tendertouchmobilelabs focuses on taking on a wide range of clients with all sorts of needs. We work hard to make a connection with everyone to ensure that you are comfortable during the phlebotomy process.

A new era of Mobile Phlebotomy is here.

Our Phlebotomist are not just medical professionals with years of experience, they are also people that care about customer service and pay very good attention to detail..

Trusted and used by many

“Sherell is a total pro. She was available on relatively short notice and followed through on shipping our blood to the lab, as promised. When Fed-Ex messed up the delivery and we had to re-draw and re-ship the blood, Sherell felt sorry for us and gave a small break on the price, even though it wasn’t her fault that Fed-Ex fumbled. People always have trouble finding my veins, but Sherell didn’t. I recommend her with no reservations whatsoever. What a find! ”

Talia G.

Los Angeles CA

“After reading all the 5 star reviews on yelp i decided to call tender touch to draw blood on my 4 yr old daughter. I was scared since my daughter is autistic and didn’t know how she would behave. sherrell call me back within 1/2 hour and told me she could see me the next day. She was punctual and very professional , my daughter resisted a little and by the end was relaxed. it was a great experience and didn’t traumatized my daughter since it was almost painless.”

Juan V.

Burbank CA

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We are the #1 mobile blood drawing concierge service that comes directly to you in the Los Angeles area. It is our mission to provide a personalized, private alternative to having to go to a lab to have blood drawn. Our service gives our community of patients, healthcare providers, referral and research labs, along with our growing wellness and concierge client base the convenient option of having a one on one experience by having their blood drawn in the comfort of their own home or office quickly and efficiently by our experienced California licensed Phlebotomists who specialize in drawing blood from children including those with special needs, teens, adults, and our elderly.

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